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Thank you for coming today !!! I have become a great positive person with your help and i am grateful because i have learned so well from you. you are a great mentor to me and have made me appreciate all the differences in my life and of the people around me. These sessions have had a huge impact in my life. Thank you again Marlisse for all you do to help me and others navigate their lives.

She makes me feel good. She is kind, positive and help me with my problems.

Marlisse works with me on skills that are very hard to achieve. She’s is easy and very pleasant to speak with . I get a true feeling she is trying to help me.
- Robert

She was very professional with me; I believe Marlisse really cares for my mental state of being. She was never scared of me, even when I was acting weird and extremely psychotic. She always has a bottle of water available for me.

I thank Marlisse for lending me her personal books and because of Marlisse, I am doing very well.
My disease is under control these days.
- L.D.

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